Mr. Ultimate is a fanmade Mr. Men and is the Mr. Sona of Ultimate Fun Billy, the creator of this article.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Ultimate is an orange circle shaped Mr. Men with glasses and a black afro. He has a tail which appears to look like a tentacle, which he uses for reasons.

Personality Edit

Mr. Ultimate is basically a comedian and somewhat of a weeaboo, who is a fan of fourth wall breaks. He has an entire collection of bootleg figures of the canon Mr. Men characters. He is a very huge fan of nostalgia, as his favorite game ever is Toontown Rewritten, a remake of a 2003 game.

Notable quotes Edit

  • "Yeahhhhhhh nope" (When asked to do something)
  • "I don't wanna know where its been." (Said once to Mr. Octopus in "Oceans" and later the trope became one of his traits)
  • "Lets not check the internet. I had my fill of wierd fanart!" (Said once in Computers)

Counterparts Edit

  • C.H. Greenblatt (Chowder, both are the personifications of their creator)
  • Brian Griffin (Family Guy, both are the only characters in the series the creator of the character (Series to an extent) voices in their natural speaking voice.
  • Deadpool (Marvel, both have tendencies to break the fourth wall.)
  • Ren and Stimpy (Ren and Stimpy, both characters primarily make innuendos)
  • Chi Chi (Amazing World of Gumball, both shows have given a nod to bootleg works based off their series)
  • Doug (Nostalgia Critic, both are into nostalgic things. Doug, however, primarily makes videos of TV shows and movies, and ever since reviewing the Emoji Movie, the doors are opened for more recent series)

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Ultimate's best friends mainly consist of other Mr. and Little Miss sonas of contributors such as Mr. Dudeman.
  • Mr. Ultimate does not like being tickled
  • Mr. Ultimate cannot get scared by Little Miss Scary.
  • Mr. Ultimate, similar to Mr. Nervous, is aware of incoming pranks by Little Miss Naughty.
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