Mr Over Imaginitive

Mr. Over-Imaginative is an over thinker. He likes cartoons, video games and stuff.

He is good friends with Mr. Film flick.The talk on and on about stuff they like.

He is based off of Antidemocratic.

Where He Lives and DescriptionEdit

He lives in Thinker ville and is son of Mr. Happy and Miss Creative. He is green with brown hair.

He likes to smile a lot. He is a Mr Men and is proud of it.

Daily LifeEdit

He wakes up and get out of his rainbow colored bed

He has 2 pieces of toast and chocolate milk.

He goes to Mr. Film flick's house

He goes back home and sleeps.

What lesson did he learn?Edit

He learned that not everyone appreciates your idea and sometimes it is best to let them go

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