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Mr. Nubby front cover

Front Cover


Mr. Nubby is the cutest person in the world. If not the cutest. And as you can probably imagine, Mr. Nubby lives in a place called Wubbyland. Yes! Wubbyland! Wubbyland Dogs are very cute. Wubbyland cats are extremely cute! Wubbyland worms are extraordinarily cute! Wubbyland birds are exceedingly cute! And you should see a Wubbyland rabbit. They're the cutest. And there in the middle of all this cuteness lived Mr. Nubby in the cutest house you've ever seen! Wubby Cottage!


  • Mr. Nubby is based on his creator, Dantheman2funny.
  • His phrases are "Awwwww! Bubbyyyyyyyy!" and "*high pitched squeal* IT'S A BUBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!"


  • Pichu (Pokemon Gold and Silver, both are cute)
  • Fievel Mousekewicz (An Americal Tail, both are cute)
  • Pachirisu (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, both are cute)
  • Hamtaro (Hamtaro, both are adorable)


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