A duo of fan characters created by MMB The Coolest. Mr. Noob is a blue pentagon character with a white top hat that looks like a Wii remote with a podium, and square glasses. As his name prescribes, he is interested in video games, but is not very good with them. Little Miss Director is also a pentagon, she is pink and has a light blue ponytail. Her glasses are blue on the inner frames and brown on the outer frames, and horizontally rectangular. She also has a bow tie, with a knob in the center, which acts as a camera. She has 3 cell phones with built in cameras, and two video cameras. She keeps them all in her fanny pack. They are based off of MMB The Coolest and his sister.


Mr. NoobEdit

Gender: Male

Color: blue

Shape: pentagon

Nicknames: Noobus Gimmickhater, 4-eyes, Tubby

Family: Little Miss Director

Friends: Little Miss Conjoined, Mr. Messy

Crush: Little Miss Future

Hair Color:

Likes: Video games, food

Dislikes: getting grounded, not eating for more than an hour, rules

Catchphrases: "Take that, you noobs", "Rekt", "Hater", and "I'm Starving"

Fun Facts: He didn't get his glasses until season 4

Little Miss DirectorEdit

Gender: Female

Color: Pink

Shape: Pentagon

Nicknames: Beauty, Chicken Nugget, and Fiesty

Family: Mr. Noob

Friends: Anyone who likes pranks


Hair Color: Light Blue

Likes: Recording videos, makeup

Dislikes: When someone angers her

Catchphrase: "Now you've done it!"

Fun Facts: A YouTube channel was created in her honor

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