Mr McQueen is a fan Mr. Man universe character created User:Mrmanifestdestiny

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About McQueenEdit

Mr McQueen loves to race fastr on the piston cup at the races in Mr Mannchester. He's very fast and he goes quick and is always on his own because he doesn't need other people cause he's really fast on his own and is focused on winning. He is speed speed i am speed, going faast. He is inspired by the movie Disney Pixar Cars and Disney Pixar Cars 3


  • Lightning McQueen (Cars): Both are fast
  • Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) Both are fast
  • Herbie (Herbie) Both like to race
  • Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Both have wheels
  • Oregon Trail (PC98) Both have wheels
  • The Flash (DC) Both are red and fast
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