Mr Dynamite is a fanmade Mr Men character created by Dynamite64 (Rod). He is also his Mr Sona too.

About himEdit

Mr Dynamite is a sarcastic frog-mouth who speaks a lot of slang. He is very impaitent and has an explosive temper. He likes to blow things up and has a whole variaty of explosives. He also likes listening to hip-hop, rap and RNB.

Mr. RangersEdit

Mr. Dynamite was originally one of the Mr Rangers as the Original Red Mr Ranger. He was also originally the leader of the Mr Rangers, but when he left, Mr Brainiac became the new leader. He left along with Mr Drawer.

Left The Fandom Edit

In 2011, Mr. Dynamite deleted himself and all his artwork. He started a new account called Lightningrod728.

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