The original Dark Mr. Man.
Mr darkblood

Mr. Darkblood

About HimEdit

Originally known as Mr. Niceguy, he was tending to his garden when Mr. Grumpy ended up stepping over all of his flowers. That day, something snapped within Mr. Niceguy, and he became Mr. Darkblood, a being that hungers only for the destruction and decimation. He wields the Darkblood Sword and his Dark Energy Aura can create an endless supply of Darkblood Daggers which are able to reverse the powers of any Mr. Men, turning them into Dark Mr. Men. Using his powers he amassed an army of Mr. Men.

Some of His ArmyEdit

  • Dark Mr. Good --> Mr. Evil
  • Dark Mr. Daydream --> Mr. Nightmare
  • Dark Little Miss All-Goes-Well --> Ms. Everything-Goes-Wrong
  • Dark Little Miss Sunshine --> Little Miss Darkshine
  • Dark Little Miss Helpful --> Little Miss Hurtful

Darkblood RisingEdit

He defeated most of the Mr. Men but accidentally turned Little Miss Bad into Little Miss Good, who along with the help of Mr. Healing (reverse Mr. Bump) and Mr. Brave they banished Mr. Darkblood and restored the rest of the Mr. Mens to normal.


  • Oni (Street Fighter) - Both are more evil and powerful than akuma.
  • Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) - Because both were nice but have evil forms as well.
  • Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts) - Both are hidden but very powerful and evil.
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