Mr. Atomic is a fanmade Mr. Men character created by metalyan94. He is also his Mr. Sona as well.

About himEdit

Mr. Atomic is the most radioactive Mr. Men. He has an atomic number of 210, and there is an element named after him! Whenever he gets mad, he gets surrounded by a layer of radioactive aura, and if anyone touches him, even if he's not mad, they become mutated. When the victim is mutated, he or she either gets tentacles for arms, an extra eye on their forehead, or their personality gets reversed! He is round, has orange skin, long dreadlocks, green glowing eyes, and two stickers on his cheeks that has the radioactive hazard trefoil symbol.

Mr. RangersEdit

Mr. Atomic serves as the new Black Ranger and the replacement for Mr. Drawer. His weapon is a radioactive gamma ray.

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