Little Miss Casual is an OC persona of DA user ChibiOtakuShipper. 

Appearance Edit

Her appearance shows that she's a blue little miss with a light blue and white scarf that nearly covers above her shoulders, which would hide her mouth. She wears a pair of square shaped glasses and can't really see much without them. Her hair is black with bangs drifting to the side in the front and a spiky ponytail in the back. 


Her personality includes being really happy and creative about herself in any way she likes to express it. Miss Casual likes to talk with people that she's close with and seems to really hate people that act like they can overpower anybody. Even if it's just over words.

Humanized in her Creator's StyleEdit

ChibiOtakuShipper , Little Miss Casual's creator tends to draw in an anime style that she's still trying to improve on slowly. As a human, Little Miss Casual looks similar to her creator and keeps part of her Little Miss look by having the glasses, scarf, and hairstyle. She would oftenly wear a sweater and a shirt from any anime or show she's watched. 

An Intake on the ScarfEdit

A lot of friends of Miss Casual typically like to ask about why she likes keeping the scarf with her at all times, and the answer is actually pretty simple for the blue little miss to say. 

"My grandma knitted me this scarf and gave to me on Christmas. I wear it because it's coming from her and she knitted two of my favorite colors to wear, which are white and sky blue."

Little miss casual by chibiotakushipper-dbmrzmo

The first drawing of Miss Casual from ChibiOtakuShipper


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