A purple Little Miss with dark purple hair, freakles, and has stars on her hair. She was created by User:Fishmonkey11.


Little Miss Starlow is a young caring Little Miss. (in which she has stars) She loves to make her stars glow like flashlights (for example if she scared of the dark) in order to see what is going on. Little Miss Starlow also has a talking pet frog named Chippy (sometimes Mr. Nosy calls her Chip) and they work as a team. she was born on December 31, 2009 when Little Miss Wish (Little Miss Starlow's mother and Little Miss Clumsy's sister) gave birth to her. Little Miss Starlow and Chippy will appear on The Mr. Men Show doing season 3.


Name: Little Miss Starlow

Gender: Female

Color: Purple

Nicknames: Starly (called by her pet frog), Wishy Washy (called by Mr. Stubborn), and Star (called by Little Miss Hurt).

Family: Little Miss Wish (mother), Mr. Wish-A-Lot (father), Little Miss Naughty (adopted mother), Little Miss Whoops (cousin), Mr. Bump (cousin), Chippy (pet frog).

Friends: Little Miss Hurt, Little Miss Curious, Mr. Messy, Mr. Small, Mr. Nosy.

Crush: Mr. Nervous or Mr. Stubborn.

Hair Color: Purple

Likes: her frog, her adopted mother, her stars glowing, getting a doctors appointment, Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump, bedtime, camping out with Miss Naughty, Mr. Small & Mr. Nosy, animals (not dinosaurs but she likes dragons.), being cared by her adopted mother.

Dislikes: Miss Scary.

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