Little Miss Slippery

Little Miss Slippery

Little Miss Slippery is a fan-made Little Miss created by MrMenCentral.


Name: Little Miss Slippery

Gender: Female

Color: Turquoise

Shape: Round

Nicknames: none

Family: Mr. Dudeman (brother), Little Miss Wacky (sister), Little Miss Athletic (cousin), Jenny ("computer sister").

Friends: Mr. Bopit, Miss Hologram, Mr. Pirate, Mr. Dudeman, Miss Wacky, the rest of the characters.

Crush: none.

Hair Color: Blue

Likes: unknown.

Dislikes: slipping on everything.

Catchphrase: unknown.

Fun Facts: She has had visitors from various series, including Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs; she is one of the three "Animeniesque" characters, the other two being Miss Camouflage and Miss Wacky.

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