Water Demon

Little Miss Scrubcake is a character made by BaileyAnimations on DeviantART. This little miss was inspired and based off of her real life sister, Avalyna.

She is a circular blue Little Miss with a blue nose and eyelashes, and she has medium length hair beneath her animal cap. She has a navy blue star birthmark on her left cheek

Little Miss Scrubcake is a cute little idiot who loves fooling around with her older sister, Ms. Bubbles. They loved exchanging jokes to each other and working together on things whether it be schoolwork, sports or art.

She is a water demon. She is able to control the element of water, she could make it follow her or change its temperature. Whenever she gets angered, she'll turn to her demon form which looks like a coyote, but with liquidly wings. She doesn't do much damage, considering she is a child and still is trying to control her use of powers.
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