Little Miss Radical is a supernatural power based Little Miss.


She is a round purple Little Miss with blue nose and she has red hair, glasses and white shoes.


Electrokinesis, telekinesis, flight, teleportation, resurrection and healing kiss.


She can't heal or resurrect herself.

If someone hits her weak spot she gets paralyzed.

Origin behind the name

The word Radical means change.

It was known to be a negative term for terrorism, but it has a positive side to it.

Story and other information

She was previously named Little Miss Swag and thought she was a demigoddess, but seeing Dr. Makeyouwell, he told her that she was just a Little Miss with supernatural powers.

So, she changed her name to Miss Radical (with the help of Miss Heartfelt)

Has bad eyesight and needs to wear her glasses.

She is a hothead and has a short temper and is sensitive.

Her crush is Little Miss Whoops.


  • Little Miss Radical's real name is Rebecca
  • Her true friend is Mr. Nubby who understood her feelings and wanted to comfort her.
  • Her arch enemy is Little Miss Magus
  • Her powers are similar to Phosphora's electricfying powers (Kid Icarus: Uprising), Daenerys Targaryen's resurrecting powers (Game of Thrones) and Symmetra's technology creative techiques (Overwatch)
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