Little Miss Possible

Little Miss Possible

Little Miss Possible is a fan-made Little Miss created by MrMenCentral.


Name: Little Miss Possible

Gender: Female

Color: Purple

Shape: Oval

Nicknames: none

Family: unknown

Friends: Miss Impossible, the rest of the characters.

Crush: none.

Hair Color: Yellow

Likes: doing impossible things.

Dislikes: not being able to do impossible things.

Catchphrase: unknown.

Fun Facts: Her voice was inspired by Shirley the Loon from Tiny Toon Adventures, which is ironic because Shirley is one of MrMenCentral's least favorite Tiny Toon characters.


Little is known about Miss Possible before she came to Dillydale. On the day she came to Dillydale, she met Little Miss Impossible. Miss Impossible gave Miss Possible a gear, which gave Miss Possible some new abilities. Since then, Miss Impossible had opened a gear shop, where she sells gears that make the owner able to do impossible things. Fortunately, Miss Impossible and her brother, Mr. Impossible, do not need gears to do impossible things. Anyways, Miss Possible is Miss Impossible's best customer at the gear shop. She loves to do the new things she's discovered she can do.

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