Little Miss Nostalgic was a sona created by Daisyparty65/Youriglooormine.

About herEdit

Little Miss Nostalgic is very outgoing, yet very stubborn. She loves things that are nostalgic and was a huge fan of the Comedy Siblings. She didn't get on so well with the redesigns however. She is also a very curious Little Miss too.

Mr. RangersEdit

Miss Nostalgic was a member of the Mr Rangers and served as the Green Mr Ranger. Her weapon was a magic wand that she used to own a long time ago. She left the Mr Rangers when she discovered another world where she made friends with certain pokemon and decided to live there.

Trivia Edit

According to one of her memes, DaisyParty65's real name is revealed to be Kiki Singleton.

Left the fandom Edit

In 2011, DaisyParty65 left the fandom and is never to be seen again.

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