Little Miss Magus is another magic-type user like Little Miss Magic from another town. She is a purple little miss with brown hair, blue eyes, very round glasses and carries around a pink staff wherever she goes, often using it for channeling magic.

Personality Edit

Magus is lazy, arrogant and loves using her magic for her own ends. Snobbish to most people she meets at first and dislikes talking to most as well, not making too many friends at first, mostly through her own anxiety of talking to people in general. Taking a lot of time to tear down her walls to get to know the chill version of her, which doesn't happen too often as she would rather stay alone most of the time or doesn't stay place for very long periods of time. Changing her mind when she got to Dillydale and decided to stay there.

She goes to Dillydale after learning about Little Miss Magic and was legitimately interested in other Little Miss and eventually decided to try one-upping her in the realm of magic. After their altercation, they leave each other alone for a while only really interacting when Magus started something with her. Often wanting to show her up one way or the other.

Relationships Edit

Little Miss Magic: While not having a terrible relationship, she and Magus do have a rivalry with each other. It's mostly one sided on Magus' part, and they are capable of working with each other, though it's fairly rare.

Mr. Grumpy: They ran into each other a few times. While Miss Magus tried being friendly to get his attention, it didn't always seem to work. Despite Magus' best efforts.

Miss Whoops: Literally ran into each other one day and a acquaintanceship was made. While they don't interact all that much, they do get along all right.

Miss Radical: Very mediocre. Magus finds her very having a very possessive personality and not good at spreading positive vibes. They both fight with each other a lot and consider the other enemies.

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