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A picture of Miss Hurt when she's older

A light pink Little Miss with light orange hair. she is very young and was cared by her mother Little Miss Whoops. she was created by User:Fishmonkey11.


Little Miss Hurt is a very young Little Miss. (not even Mr. Small) although, she is a baby little miss and was taken care by her mother Little Miss Whoops. (Mr. Bump's sister) she would cry when she wants her bottle. whenever Little Miss Hurt cries, Little Miss Whoops would feed her with milk, singing her a lullaby, comfort while telling her a quiet story, sitting on the rocking chair, listening to her heartbeat, give her a bath, and giving her a massage. her birthday is on November 1. she was born in November 1, 2010 when her mother saw her for the first time. She might be young but she is just a baby. her mother sometimes call her "Hurty" because she is always having being loved by her mother. Little Miss Hurt always love it when her mother Little Miss Whoops touches her smooth pink skin. she is 1 month old. She is very young but she needs sensitive care from Little Miss Whoops (her mother), Mr. Nervous (her father), Little Miss Starlow (her babysitter), Mr. Bump (her uncle), and Little Miss Naughty. Little Miss Hurt has a very high pitched voice and she is a very young little miss. everytime she takes a bath, She would wiggle around and splash her mother and make her wet. She is even younger then Little Miss Tiny and Little Miss Shy and is even more senitive than Little Miss Tiny and Little Miss Shy.


Name: Little Miss Hurt

Gender: Female

Color: Pink

Age: 1 Month old

Nicknames: Hurty (said it by her mother).

Family: Little Miss Whoops (mother), Mr. Bump (uncle), Mr. Nervous (father).

Likes: being held by her mother, lullabies, a massage, rocked to sleep, bathtime, being fed with a bottle, her heartbeat checked, her toys, going to the doctor.

Dislikes: getting nightmares.

Birthday: November 1.

First Appearance: November 1, 2010.

Friends: Little Miss Pain, Little Miss Messy, Little Miss Starlow and Scatterbrain, Jr.

Hobbies: Cause accidents with her mother.

Miss Hurt's LullabyEdit

"Rock a bye Hurty, on a treetop.

When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.

When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall.

And down will come Hurty, cradle and all."

Sang by Little Miss Whoops.

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