Little Miss Bubbles is a character/sona created by BaileyAnimations on DeviantART. 

She is a blue circular Little Miss who has thick eyelashes and curly brown hair tied up in a poofy ponytail. 

Coming from Livelytown, Miss Bubbles is a friendly and high-spirited teenager. She loves making new friends and always see the positive in everyone, even when they seem cold-hearted like Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Rude or Mr. Grumpy.  

Wherever she goes, she leaves good and positive vibes which makes people in Dillydale feel comfortable and happy when they talk to her. Hence being the reason why she’s well-respected and has many friends who go to her for advice. She’s very wise and provides words of wisdom and encouragements when people are feeling down or unsure.  

Despite having a happy-go-lucky personality, she has mild depression. Caused by childhood events. She has to let her pain out one way or another. Many people question her scars and bruises, but rubs it off like it’s nothing. Her friends worry for her safety and mental health. Even her closest of friends.


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